Articles published online

Here you may find all the articles that have been published online throughout the project.

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Partner Date Dissemination event Target group Details
UMIL 03/2018 Article in international journal R. Donida Labati, E. Munoz, V. Piuri, R. Sassi, F. Scotti, “Deep-ECG: Convolutional Neural Networks for ECG biometric recognition”, in Pattern Recognition Letters, Elsevier, 2018. ISSN: 0167-8655. [DOI: 10.1016/j.patrec.2018.03.028]
 ATOS 01/2018  Interview in local media  Public
LAUREA & VISION-BOX 11/2017 Interview and gate showcase in Estonian media Public  Estonian media TV3 channel created a news video representing the ABC4EU project:
ATOS 05/2017 Website publiation  Public URL for the Atos’ Spanish global website, explaining the 2 systems of the ABC4EU project and the role of Atos in it.
UMIL 04/2017 Article in international journal R. Donida Labati, A. Genovese, E. Muñoz, V. Piuri, F. Scotti, “A novel pore extraction method for heterogeneous fingerprint images using Convolutional Neural Networks”, in Pattern Recognition Letters, 2017. ISSN: 0167-8655. [DOI: 10.1016/j.patrec.2017.04.001]
LAUREA 08/2014 ABC4EU‐project presentation in ‘Kehittäjä’‐ magazine Academic Personnel, students General presentation of the ABC4EU‐project incl. project goals, WP’s, partners.
URJC 06/2014 Article in press General public Article in “Madrid + D”, Research Portal of the Community of Madrid. 
URJC 05/2014 Press release General public Diffusion Press release at the URJC research portal.
CIES 05/2014 Press release on the CIES website about attendance at ED4BG CIES website visitors‐day‐for‐border‐guards‐2014‐warsaw/ (The site is closed)
CIES 01/2014 Project description and consortium partners posted under the ‘project’ section of CIES website CIES website visitors‐abc‐gates‐for‐europe/ (The site is closed)