Articles published online

Here you may find all the articles that have been published online throughout the project.

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Partner Date Dissemination event Target group Details
LAUREA 08/2014 ABC4EU‐project presentation in ‘Kehittäjä’‐ magazine Academic Personnel, students General presentation of the ABC4EU‐project incl. project goals, WP’s, partners.
URJC 06/2014 Article in press General public Article in “Madrid + D”, Research Portal of the Community of Madrid. 
URJC 05/2014 Press release General public Diffusion Press release at the URJC research portal.
CIES 05/2014 Press release on the CIES website about attendance at ED4BG CIES website visitors‐day‐for‐border‐guards‐2014‐warsaw/ (The site is closed)
CIES 01/2014 Project description and consortium partners posted under the ‘project’ section of CIES website CIES website visitors‐abc‐gates‐for‐europe/ (The site is closed)