ABC4EU & Smart Borders Initiative: improved security and facilitation of external border crossing.

Alberto Crespo from Atos Spain, has been invited as a keynote speaker to World eID & Cybersecurity conference on the 28th of September in Marseille, France. Mr. Crespo will speak about how ABC4EU will optimize ABC processes across the Schengen area in line with EC latest proposal of Smart Borders package, and what benefits it will provide for the border guards and travellers as well. The presentation discusses how ABC4EU enables the ABC gates for the use of Third Country Nationals as well as present more thoroughly the proof-of-concept. Moreover, Mr. Crespo will present how the border guards can be assisted by mobile-based solutions, and the mobile innovation – Mobile Identity Units, which can perform border process management comparable to that currently performed in manual booths and a better handling of travellers in specific situations.

 Alberto Crespo will give the speech on Wednesday 28th of September at 12. If you want to know more, please follow the conference’s webpages. Here you can find more information about Mr. Crespo’s presentation.