General presentations

Here you may find all the general ABC4EU project presentations.

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Name Date Dissemination event Target group Details
 LAUREA  11/2016 Invited speaker, University of Applied Sciences University students, Turkish national police officers Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Project presentation “ABC4EU towards the pilot phase”. Artmir Galica.
URJC 10/2016 Lecture Master degree students, academia Master course: “Advanced Biometric Presentation Attack Detection- Case ABC4EU”
URJC 07/2015 Invited speaker, special session. Summer School. Security specialist of public and private institutions. International. University Rey Juan Carlos Summer School. Invited speaker. “Innovation in security applied to digital identity protection”. Enrique Cabello.
URJC 01/2015 CYBERCAMP 2015 Researchers, Companies, General Public interested in the Cybersecurity and  Security Topic Oral presentation. Invited lectures.
PWC 09/2014 Presentation in Barajas‐Adolfo Suárez Airport General Audience: citizen Border Guards ‐       Presentation of ABC project to the surveyed citizens in the inquiry about media in ABC system
‐       Presentation of Barajas airport Border Guards, who supported us during the surveys to citizen using ABC
LAUREA 09-10/2014 ABC4EU project presentation (several days) Public Lecture Audience 1)     Finnish National Defence University’s
‐       Department of Management and Leadership
‐       Department of Strategy
‐       Border Guard Section
2)     National Security Committee
INDRA 11/2014 IPR workshop ABC4EU –project Consortium Considering the ABC4EU project is in an initial phase of its implementation, Indra, as coordinator, provided an overview of the intellectual properties rules applicable in the FP7 projects during the PMB&TB meeting held on 26 November 2014 at PWC’s facilities.
LAUREA 06/2014 ABC4EU general project presentation, The 10th ITS European Congress in Helsinki General public
UMIL 06/2014 IEEE MTT/AP & ED/CAS North Jersey Section Chapters Lectures, Location: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, USA Public lecture audience Title of the Invited Lecture: Computational intelligence for biometrics Speaker: Vincenzo Piuri, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
LAUREA 05/2014 ABC4EU general project presentation for LAUREA Security Degree Alumni Academic Personel, Students
LAUREA 04/2014 ABC4EU general project presentation for other European Universities of Applied Sciences; International week at Laurea Academic Personnel, Students, Public
LAUREA 03/2014 ABC4EU general project presentation; internal Kick‐off Internal Personel, Academics